What is personality? Explain how personality affects how others see us.

What is Personality?

Personality is set of informal assessment and different psychological features of the individual that can be used at different places. Personality is the term that has driven from the Latin word persona, and it refers to different personality functions and the theatrical mask that has used by the performer while making communication and while performing some action. Moreover, the personality is also reflecting the psychological actions and the unique thinking pattern of any individual (Zimmerman, 2008).

The personality can affect the perception and consideration of other people about any individual.  It is the personality that makes a person unique and distinct in the comparison of the other people. The characteristics of the personality involve the pattern of feelings, the behavior of a person and attitude towards performing different actions.  Personality can change the way of other people who see us. According to the social scientists, the personality can help any individual to represent himself in front of the other people. There are different types of the personality. These personality types includes the actions, working style, communication pattern and different other activities are the main representative of personality (Judge, 2002).

In the modern world, a person who has good communication abilities and has distinct working style can make a more positive place among people in comparison to the person who does not have the good communication style and who does not have the personality to represent his work before other.