Personalization-portals or large content sites

Choose a website that permits personalization-portals or large content sites are a good choice. Personalize your own page on the site. Think about the kinds of customer data that are produced as you use your personalized page on this site. How can the site use this data to engage in targeted marketing? Also think about the benefits to you, the user, of having a personalized page on the site you have chosen.

Facebook is the first webpage that comes to mind when it comes to advertising to direct markets. With how popular Facebook has become over the last 10 years they have used their website to help big businesses and small businesses to help advertise to consumers. Facebook also use someone’s profile to direct advertisement to the potential consumer. It helps big businesses communicate with existing consumers by consumers following their pages to see updates on products and services their favorite businesses offer. Facebook is good for small businesses because its easier for customers to get the companies information out to friends.

Facebook helps with direct advertisement because Facebook will use a potential consumers information to suggest products to someone using their feed, and then the consumer will see the product while checking friends updates on Facebook. Facebook also has options for consumers to like and share the products that are suggested on someone’s page, so if consumers like certain products they can use that to suggest other companies products. Most companies advertise on Facebook now because it is one of the most effective ways to get new products out to consumers.

All big businesses use Facebook to advertise products, and hold competitions in order to get information out to consumers on new products and gain new consumers. Big businesses usually wont partake in advertising on Facebook because they generate enough traffic through consumers following them on Facebook so they will appear on consumers pages when new products or information on products is posted. Big businesses take advantage of having Facebook pages because its another source of advertisement. According to Ryan Holmes from “Social media is the next wave of the digital transformation that started with the web. And its bottom-line impact is proving just as huge. For businesses today, the best way to keep your company successful, in my estimation, is to fully embrace social media” (Holmes, 2015). Businesses cant survive with out having a social media presence because that is one of the main sources of getting advertisement and marketing out to consumers.

For smaller companies starting out, to include online businesses Facebook is able to help businesses get word out about products using a persons profile and link the businesses with potential consumers. Facebook is also easy for businesses to get their name out through word of mouth. If a consumer sees a product that a friend may like they can tag a friend in that product that was posted online, and that will open the product to not only their friend but also to their friends. Facebook has gone out of its way to make it easier for businesses to attract new consumers to products that they might not have had any visibility too because of Facebook’s use of personal profiles and linking potential consumers to businesses and products.