Consumer interactions data

What is consumer interactions data and why is it important to understanding and serving Internet consumers better?

 Consumer interactions data collects information on consumers and stores the information of what they purchase, how long they have been a consumer, and basic demographics of a consumer. Businesses can use this information to help decide what to sell to their consumers, and how a business can retain a consumer. Like amazon uses its consumer interaction data to help decide which products to sell to different demographics, and what to advertise to different demographics.

Answer 2

Customer interaction data includes the information collected through data mining of customer analytics. The information is on customers and is used to estimate the habits of the purchasing consumers as well as to establish different preferences for individuals. Marketers take the information and use it to market in specific areas and consumers based on their income, buying standards and needs. The information gathered allows marketers to understand their consumers and allows them to apply it to their products/services to drive sales.