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What is ISIS Presentation Notes

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What is ISIS?

ISIS is a terrorist organization that is currently

            active in different parts of the world.

ISIS is active in many country of the world where it is involved in terrorist activities.

Their ideology is to make an Islamic Extremist State and expand to the whole world

They want to occupy the whole world and make their government on it.

Currently they occupy some areas of

            Syria and Iraq

As it can be seen in the map, they currently occupy some of the areas in Iraq and Syria which is shown by the black color in the map.

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How ISIS was made?

Two splinter groups of Al-Qaeda , Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syria) and Islamic State of Iraq formed ISIS

The two groups came together and formed one group called ISIS.

They Decided Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

The two combined groups declared that they have established a so called Islamic rule in parts of Iraq and Syria and the group name was called ISIS.

Many blame Western Powers for its creation

There are many people in the world who think that western powers may have something to do with organizing ISIS for their political interests.

It was formed to topple Assad regime in Syria

For example many think that in order to topple Assad government in Syria, which is considered Russian friendly, ISIS was formed.

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ISIS and Caliphate

ISIS believe that All world should be under their version of strict Islamic Sharia Law

ISIS think that the version of the Islamic Sharia they believe is true and is the best solution for the world. Majority of Muslims are against it.

All the world should be concurred for this reason

ISIS want to bring all the world under this Sharia Law.

In June 2014, it occupied area more than UK

ISIS occupied a huge geographical are equal to almost the area of UK in June 2014.

There should be one Calipha (ruler) of the world

They think that there should be only one ruler of the world.

Current ISIS Calipha is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Current ISIS Calipha is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


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ISIS Terrorist Activities in the World (2016)

ISIS claimed responsibility for the following terrorist activities but the actual number of attacks is much more:

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Almasjed el Nabawi Attack in Saudi Arabia

Almasjed el Nabawi is one of the holiest Muslim Site in Saudi Arabia

Masjid nabawi is the second most respected and holy city of Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Millions of Muslims visit it annually.

On 4 July 2016, Suicide bomber exploded in its Car Parking


This attack killed 4 people

ISIS claimed responsibility

ISIS Claimed for this attack in the parking area of Masjid Nabawi.

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Al Imam Sadiq Mosque Attack Kuwait

Suicide bombing in Al Imam Sadiq Mosque on 26 June 2015

ISIS took responsibility for attack on this mosque in Kuwait.

Killed 27 People in the Attack

27 people were killed and a lot more injured in this attack.

Suicide Bombing carried out during Friday Prayer

The suicide bombing was carried out during Friday prayer as many Muslims gather to pray together the Friday prayer.

The mosque is used by Shia Muslims

The mosque belonged to Shia Muslims who are considered as non-muslims by ISIS and they believe that killing them is justified.