Date: February 13, 2016


The Director

Support and Services Department

Apple Inc.

John Street, CA 95014

Cupertino, USA


Dear Sir/Madam,


I have been a loyal Apple customer since a decade. I love all Apple products. I always try to keep myself up to date about Apple products so that I can update my Apple devices for an IOS update or buy a new Apple device after its launch.

I have no doubt that Apple is one of the most technologically advanced company in the world. I have always admired the user friendliness of Apple devices. Having said that, I have had soft and hard issues with my Apple products. The latest issue that I faced was with my iPhone. The iPhone camera had stopped responding.

In this letter, I would like to inform Apple’s customer and support department about the customer focused behavior of the Apple’s technical staff. I took my iPhone to my nearest Apple store at 2700 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, to get a repair. The technical staff member Steve addressed my iPhone’s problem. He was not only technically well aware of most of the iPhone issues, he knew how to properly communicate about these issues with a layman.

As I said earlier that my iPhone camera has stopped responding. Steve assured me that he will do all he can do to sort out my iPhone on the spot and he did exactly that. He knew exactly about the specific problem. I had a worry that there could be a hardware issue but in reality this was a software issue. I am thankful to Steve for not overlooking my problem because if he had done so and send the iPhone for a repair, I might have still been waiting for its return.

The customer technical support services at Apple store in our area contribute highly to Apple’s overall success. I believe that Apple has an organized reward system to encourage and appreciate its hard working employees. I would like to request Apple’s customer and support department to acknowledge and reward the customer technical support staff at my local Apple store in any way possible. This will recognize their loyalty and encourage them to try even more to serve Apple’s customers.

Thank you for your precious time and consideration.


Best Regards,



2807 North Glebe Road, Ohio 22207

Springfield, USA