Planning for Pizza Case Study

What mistake did McKing make in approaching the introduction of pizza?

McKing did conduct a comprehensive research about the introduction of the new product but they failed to take into consideration the operational issues when the product itself was considered for production. The product delivery to the customers is one of the most important aspect which involved a drive through window. This drive through window is not feasible for the delivery of a 16 inch pizza, which is considered for development, as it can only accommodate a 12 inch pizza.

How could this product introduction have been coordinated to avoid the problems that were encountered?

The major issue that is visible from the description of the case study is a lack of coordination between the operations management and research personnel’s. Both these personals could have effectively communicated with each other. Operations management personals could have provide their input on how the pizzas would be produced and what are the steps that are involved in its delivery to the customers including the size of the drive through window. A lack of coordination and communication have jeopardized the whole research process that was conducted to introduce the new product to the customers. Operational issues must have been considered during the research process.

If you were an executive at McKing, how would you proceed with the introduction of pizza into the restaurants?

If I were the executive, I would give the pizza a try at some of the restaurants. The pizza could be delivered to the customers via the restaurant doors by requesting the customers to come in. I would make an assessment of the demand for the pizza and the profits that are gained. I would then make an analysis of the feasibility of increasing the size of the delivery window. If the feasibility is in favor of the continuity of the pizza, window sizes at all restaurants would be increased and the pizza would be launched at all the restaurants.