Why time management is crucial in SEAM

Explain why time management is crucial in SEAM and give examples from your own experience in how time management was either good or bad.

Time management is crucial in seam because there is a good amount of time required to carry out new developmental tasks in an organization. Time efficiency would contribute to the efficiency of the new developmental task. I remember once I used as an intern in a library.

There are many examples from own experience when I have been involved in carrying out new developmental task and had to manage time. The one I would like to mention here is when time management went wrong for me. I was tasked to be a part of setting up a computer system at a library where I worked as an intern. I made a schedule of different activities and listed them with the approximate time required to do complete these activities. I was unable to manage time for one of the activity and this missed up my whole time management for the remaining activities as there was then not enough time to complete all activities.