After watching the video “Global Marketing at Evo”, Why doesn’t Evo need to tailor its marketing to different countries? Do you agree with their decision to present one marketing message? Why or why not? What challenges do U.S. e-commerce companies face when selling their products overseas? Do you believe brands have the right to limit a company’s right to sell internationally?

Evo is confined to the local market due to many dealers’ agreements who are very careful about where their products are sold and used. Therefore Evo does not to tailor their marketing to different countries where they have roughly 5% of their overall customers.

I do agree to their one marketing message. The main reason for is the fact that Evo is active in the local market and it needs to give out the local market specific message.

US e-commerce businesses face many challenges when dealing in the international market. First and foremost, in my opinion is the availability of online payment gateways. Many of the world’s countries are not authorized by online payment gateways like Paypal to make payments. Second is due to legal reasons. I mean US companies have to follow the local merchandizing laws that may or may not be feasible.

I do believe that brands have the right to limit a company’s right to sell internationally. A brand has to make sure that their product does not saturate the national or international market. So if they already have a partner in the local market, they have to make sure that another company does not bring the same products to that specific market.