Personal Experience of Dysfunctions

Working Conditions

I used to work as a library assistant during an internship program by my school. The working environment was not satisfactory as the air conditioning in the library was faulty and it used to be a tough job to deal with visitors when you are sweating in summer and need to hydrate yourself. A simple solution to this problem was to get a mechanic and fix it but it never got fixed in the three months I worked there.

Work Organization

The library I worked for did not have a computerized record of the visitors taking books with them. Instead we used to make a note of it in a register. Installing a library management software on the library computers would have made it easy to manage in and out of books from the library.

Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation

There was a lack of communication between the top management and the head librarian. This resulted in a lack of coordination and cooperation to make the decision making process for the library improvement. I think that weekly or monthly meeting could have improved these issues.

Time Management

The time management at the library was horrible. The head librarian used to come late and go early home. I also developed this habit and never saw anyone objecting to it. I think that the introduction of biometric attendance system could have helped improve this situation.

Integrated Training

I am not aware of any training program that was offered to the library staff. I think that there could have been some training programs provided to the employees like improving computer skills e.g. MS Office and customers care skills.