Select one (1) project from your working or educational environment that you would use the hypothesis test technique. Next, propose the hypothesis structure (e.g., the null hypothesis, data collection process, confidence interval, test statistics, reject or not reject the decision, etc.) for the business process of the selected project. Provide a rationale for your response.

I chose my job and the staff that are hired to keep the children safe.  In keeping the children safe, they must be monitored always.  I have carefully monitored and observed both the staff and the children.  I have noticed that when certain staff are redirecting the children and their bad behavior, the kids don’t respond to them.  They act as if the staff is not talking to them and mainly talking themselves.  When other staff redirect the children, they listen reluctantly but they do what is asked of them by the staff.  I also noticed that the only time the children listened to the supervisors of the staff, it is only because the other staff want allow them to have their way.  After my careful observation ended, I would pull the staff to the side that the children remained respectful to and learned what they said or did to earn the respect of the children.  I pulled the children that were having the issues and those that were not on three different occasions and each time the children stated, that the staff only wants to redirect and discipline them when upper management comes in the building, so that why they give the other staff a hard time.  I asked them why they didn’t treat me like the other staff they mistreated, there statement was comforting and understood.  They stated, that I discipline and direct them with respect and that I never try to make them look bad in front of their peers.  This gave me a reason to approach their staff and assist them as much as I can to earn the respect from the children and the staff by teaching coping skills that will help them later in life.  This observation gave me an opportunity to offer my experience, expertise and assistance because of the length time I have been on the job serving in different capacities over the years.  This is a decision that you cannot reject even if you feel like questioning it from time to time.