How does ethics apply to the workplace?

Ethics apply to the workplace in many different aspects. However, they are indeed relevant, or at least should be, in most day to day decisions. My father once told me, a clever man makes a small fortune quickly, but an honest man makes an immense fortune for an eternity. What he meant by that was a dishonest man can lie and act unethically, use cheap materials in your goods, lie about costs, etc. Chances are this man will profit off the loss of others, but it will all come to an end when people realize what kind of business man he is. However, the honest man in business, creates trust and develops relationships, he does not profit off of another mans loss, but instead they find ways to succeed together, and thus his reward is eternal. Because he can be proud of what he contributed to the community or world. This is the reward of being ethical, people will trust you and almost more importantly people will want you to succeed. If a company is run by an unethical man, the entire company is most likely rotten. As employees, will undoubtedly assume this unethical behavior adopted and deemed appropriate by leadership. Whereas in an ethical company, who prioritizes the customer, honesty, and integrity in all their decisions, that is a company that will grow into something worth being proud of.