Use the Internet or Strayer Library to research articles on hypothesis test and its application in business. Select one (1) company or organization which utilized hypothesis test technique for its business process (e.g., whether or not providing flexible work hours improve employee productivity.) Give your opinion as to whether or not the utilization of such a technique improved business process for the selected company or organization. Justify your response. 

Hypothesis testing is used to assess the effects on variables on other variables. A hypothesis is formed and then tested for the significance of the effects of variables. In the field of human resources, hypothetical testing is used for measuring the effects of psychological constructs. For example it can be used to learn about if there the effects of the behaviors of the leaders on the motivational level of the employees.

As an example, a company might want to use hypothesis testing to find out if the organizational diversity has any effects on the productivity of the organization. For this hypothetical test, the company might use data collected from the past when there were only a few employees from diverse backgrounds and then the data at present where there are significantly enough employees from diverse background. The results of such study would provide suggestion on whether there is an increase in the productivity compared to the past or not.