Memorandum of Demand for Salary Increase


MEMO: Salary Increase


SUBJECT: Demand for Salary Increase

DATE: 13 February 2017

I feel proud to be a part of this esteemed organization for the last three years. I believe in my heart that this organization is one of the most beneficial organization for its employees both in personal and professional growth. The working environment provides a lot of opportunities for the employees to work in teams and groups and share experience. The great working environment has enable an organizational culture that enables every one, irrespective of their cultural or religious background to explore their capabilities and progress. When I joined this organization, I was not so confident in performing organizational activities at the level or dedication and motivation, at which I can perform now. This is all due to the availability of experienced managers and other co-workers who have influenced me to get fluent and efficient in my task operation.

During my time at the company, I have been progressing professionally with an enhanced speed due to the professional trainings that I got an opportunity to attend. There were also many other opportunities in the form of workshops and seminars that added to my experience. I believe that these are some of the factors that kept me motivated during my time at the company and working in the best interest of the company and myself. It was the progressive structure of the organizational operations that enabled me to lead different projects during my second year at the organization. Even now, I am leading a project to a successful completion.

Before joining this company, I completed by bachelor degree in business administration. Thought it was a useful experience, I did not have a practical experience that I could have coupled with the theory that I learned during the degree program. It was this company that allowed to look close to the application of the theoretical concepts and get a practical experience of it.

I am thankful to all that this organization has provided me with during the past three years. The purpose of writing this memorandum is to bring your attention to the status of my salary. Since I started working at this company, my salary has not been increased. I made an analysis of the market and cam with a conclusion that the average salary for the position that I hold, at other organization, is much higher that mine. I would like to request a 10% increase in my salary to bring it to the average level at my job position in regards to our other competitors. The company has been making good progress over the past years and I believe that it would be feasible to increase my salary. I have been a dedicated employee and believe that I have tried my best to serve this company.

Inflation over the last few years has hit each and every household. I believe, that an increase in my salary would allow me to rid my mind of all the worries that it possess due to increase expenses. I would be able to pay my rent and utilities more efficiently. I believe that it would definitely have a positive impact on my job performance as well. This salary increase would motivate me more towards the organizational goal achievement.