Discuss the concept of credibility. What is it? Why is it especially important in persuasive speeches? How can you establish credibility in the eyes of your audience? What behaviors should you avoid because they might detract from your credibility?  

Concept of Credibility

The concept of credibility is actual an adaptation of technique through the production of any source or message. It means to comprise objective and subjective elements of believability of a source or message. For making an accumulation of subjective and objective components, one can focus on two key components of credibility that are higher in conjunction such as trustworthy and expertise.

When one discusses these two terms, then persuasion is easily an understandable concept. Persuasion is meant with these two terms where all the components of a message proved to persuade the behavior of others. When both these terms got accomplished, then credibility becomes achievable. It can be even used in any psychological communication such as influence, persuasion, manipulation and coercion, but highly it is recommended from the point of importance in persuasive speech (Lowry, Wilson, D. W., & Haig, 2014).

To persuade the audience, the credibility must be designed in a way so that it can convey a logistic and rational approach to your message. Without this, it would be almost impossible to pass on a coherent message, and thus, it won’t impact in anyway. So, the designing credibility is often the most important tool above all, and one mustn’t detract it.