mise-en-scene analysis


mise-en-scene analysis

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I have selected the second option for the module five discussion for my mise-en-scene analysis. This scene had the capacity to keep me involved. From the point of view of the mise-en-scene analysis, I have chosen to express my view point of the following elements.

Character Proximic:

The actors in this scene are located closely to each other with almost no spaces between them. It is obvious from the picture that al the actor are observing the same event taking place. It is an example of in time pattern where the camera shot has included all the actors in one shot.

Frame Positioning:

The camera is place in such a manner that all the characters get into the frame. The camera seems to be put at the door of the church so that all of the characters can be observed by the audience while they look at the church door. The most intriguing point in this frame positioning is that it has successfully caught the emotional response of most of the actors.


It can be observed that the scene allows the audience to give equal attention to the both sides of the church and its congregation. The attention of the audience would be not split between the two sides as there is perfect spatial quality.  Actors present on both sides of the frame balance each other in a quality way.

Work Cited

“Quick Introduction to Scene Analysis” Presentation by Dr. Sarah H. Ficke (2015)


What you think might be the dominant contrast in this scene, vs. the subsidiary contrasts, and what your opinion is of the density of the shot and angle of the camera?

Dominant vs subsidiary contrast:

When I look at the scene in the image, I am not able to differentiate between what to call dominant and what to call subsidiary. The whole image seems to me of the same importance and all the objects in the image attract me equally.

Thought the image is in black and white, in my opinion it is very dense. It influences us to focus on multiple details, I mean the characters, the church, the window and the emotions on the faces of the characters. 

The angle of the camera is, in my opinion is Low Angle as it has tried to provide significance to the actors in the scene.

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