Define “credibility” and explain why it’s important for a speaker to have credibility with the audience. Then select a specific topic and a specific audience. Explain how you would establish your credibility as a speaker if you were presenting a speech about that topic to that audience.

Define credibility

The characteristic of being trustworthy is referred to credibility. For any speaker who is at aim to change the behavior and perception of his listeners, must be credible in all terms. A speaker must be trustworthy because without this audience or listeners won’t believe you. In this manner, speaker’s competence and character are also of lot importance. So, it is an important thing to establish credibility with the audience.

The derived credibility is often a thing which presents the facts in the more logical way. I would like to explain it through presenting a speech over a social movement. I was aiming that through this I can stress the fulfillment of our demands that are relatable to our institution management. The audience was a particular group of students of the same department. It is a fact that these students were not getting that how they can overcome this issue or how they can regain their strength. It would be a difficult step to persuade them so that they can create a mass to pressurize the management (Ayeh, Au, & Law, 2013).

My credibility is the priority of leading the all things so that it won’t put the other students into doubt. For this purpose, my trustworthiness is another important thing where I have to keep with my all sayings. It is an only way to enhance the importance of my topic to my audience.