Define task performance and explain its dimensions.

Task Performance

Task Performance is a term how a person does on given task.  Task performance is measured as response time, or it could be measured as accuracy. Task performance is a term for quantifying someone’s performance on a task.

Elements of task performance

Specification of task actions: This is one of the crucial element which is used to measure the task performance of the employee. The employees must fulfill all the specifications of the task to accomplish it successfully.

Specification of task constraints: This measure is used to check that whether the quality of the task is maintained. Along with this, it should be done within task duration and the given budget.

Specification of results: It means that whether the accomplished tasks matches with what was required of it. In simple words, the outcome of the task is measured against the requirements.

Specification of roles: It defines the key responsibilities and roles that person need to perform while working on some specific task.