Define organizational commitment, and briefly describe the three types of organizational commitment.

Organization Commitment

Organizational commitment is the bond of employees with their organization to understand the goals of the organization. It is the strong point of the attachment an employee feels on the way to an organization. It may be measured by the degree of an individual who readies to adopt organizational values and goals. An employee accomplishes his/her job accountabilities and it also measured by behavior observed in the workplace.

Types of organizational commitment

Affective commitment: affective commitment term describe as how many employees want to stay with the organization. If the employee committed with the organization that means they want to stay in the organization. They identify the organizational goals, they fit into the organization and satisfied with their work.

Continuance commitment: define how many employees feels to stay with the organization. Possible reasons to stay with the organization is a lack of work alternatives and remuneration.

Normative commitment: Normative commitment builds upon duties and values, how much employee feel to stay with their organization. In this commitment, the employee feels that when they are leaving their organization would have disastrous consequence, and feel a sense of guilt when he is leaving the organization.