Define job performance and discuss its elements.

Job performance

Job performance is the performance of the employee which describe whether a person executes their job and responsibilities well. In any company, work related activities expected from an employee and how well those activates were done by that employee. Many organization assesses the job performance of each employee on quarterly or an annual basis in which certain points where enhancement is required are identified. Because job performance is a major factor in the overall success of the organization.

Element of job performance

Job knowledge: the employee should have technical, administrative, supervisory or other specialized knowledge to perform a job. The employee considers the degree of job knowledge about the length of time and the employee put efforts to learn new skills and maintain yourself up to date job-related information.

Initiative and resourcefulness: the employee is self-directed, resourceful and creative towards their work and job objectives. Consider through on assignments, development of new ideas, methods or procedures.

Professional development: the employee developed and applied new skills to the job during the evaluation period. The effort put for the betterment of the team and department.

Communication: the employee effectively conveys and receives ideas, information, and seeks to clarify and settle the correctness of their understanding of unacquaintedness or vague terms and commands.

Organization skills: It focuses on that whether employee plans, organizes and implements task in an appropriate way or not. Whether he/she have all the skills necessary for the job.