Case Study: Freemiums in the Social Gaming World


On the social networks, why is it difficult to generate revenue through advertising?

Could you find a new approach to generate revenue? Defend your approach.

When certain and specific companies try advertising through social networks, such as social medias famous today like Facebook, Myspace, twitter and Instagram, they realized that they werent making as much money as they could have been making spending advertisement expenses among other sources.  Advertisement firms like to pay when a user clicks on an advertisement rather than paying for simply displaying the advertisement.  Obviously, clicking on an advertisement while the game is in progress is disrupting to the flow of the game.  With that being said, I believe that I would be able to find another suitable approach to finding advertisement revenue.  My idea to increase advertisement revenue to any company is to buyout certain games and apps.  If a company were able to purchase the company that makes angry bird games for instance, they would be able to control the flow of the game as they please.  Thus, they could make it so every free game has a certain amount of levels, and in order to continue to another level, you must click on the advertisement.  The advertising companies get money from the click, the game continues and everyone is happy.