“Credibility exists in the mind of the audience, so there is nothing a speaker can do to change an audience’s perception of her credibility.”  Agree or disagree with this statement. In your answer, refer to key elements that contribute to the credibility of a speaker.

I strongly disagree with this statement. It can be concluded that in some certain ways, credibility relies on the part of the audience as well. It always presented as a great part or role from the side of a speaker who is aiming to change the behavior and perception of the audience (Rahim, Sulaiman, Chin, Baharun, & Muharam, 2016). Speaker is the main institution who is having all capabilities to grade or degrade the views of the audience about a particular subject. It somehow exists in the minds of the audience, but it is largely controlled by the credibility of the speaker as well.

In this manner, topic or content of your message is of great importance. It is a key element along with other qualities such as trustworthiness of speaker. The credibility of the speaker is large to be contributed by these two ways. When the speaker is at aim to adopt these key elements, then he can largely contribute toward his credibility.