What steps can organizations take to improve promotion satisfaction, supervision satisfaction, and coworker satisfaction?


Consider the five core job characteristics (variety, identity, significance, autonomy, and feedback). Do you think that any one of those characteristics is more important than the other four? Is it possible to have too much of some job characteristics?

Organizations may need to adopt to different strategies to achieve the three mentioned goals. First they would need to have definite guidelines on how promotions are given so that the employees can follow these guidelines and get a promotion. The organizations also need to provide its supervisors the necessary training to do their job effectively. To promote coworkers satisfactions, employees should be facilitated in workshops, trainings and meetings to effectively communicate with each other.

Identity with the tasks seems to be more important than the others as it measures how much a person thinks that the job is important and worth the much needed or more effort.

Favoritism is something that would create confusion and dissatisfaction among different employees. This would adversely affect their motivation level. Supervisors and managers therefore, need to treat the all employees equally.