This I believe – Global warming

Commemorative Speech

Global warming is an issue that has been quite adhesive since the start of the 21st Century. Everywhere, people of some sort are always talking about the effects of global warming. However, the story of global warming has been quite different for me for much of my life. I did not actually witness much climatic change when I was little and therefore, I did not come across the notion of global warming until I was exiting my teenage. In a country where there is so much humidity and hot weather throughout the year, it was imperative my country would never justify global warming. Until or unless cold weather thrived in my country, my country would never speak of global warming at an alerting scale.

As more time went by, I came to understand that the atmosphere was truly changing. Winters had begun to actually feel like winters and after studying geography, I was shocked at how the climate had changed in my region. The country did not mention these changes and may that is why I was so magnanimous to this belief early on. However, with time, I realized that this was not only happening in my country. I soon realized that there were a lot of countries in the world that were facing the same situation. I understood theat there were some countries that were never prepared for the kind of climate they suddenly began to experience.

It could all be compiled into one cause of concern that no country was rising. That was global warming. Perhaps I never came across the concept of global warming because in my early days, I had no internet access. Even when I did have internet access, I was not much into the local or international news. All these reasons made me ignorant of global warming in the beginning.

Nevertheless, a person does change at one time or the other. I began understanding the concept of global warming when I met new friends. These new friends that I met lived where I came to study. Being intellectual and sensible, these friends told me about the effects of global warming. Without much more persuasion, I began to believe. I believed that global warming did exist. I also believed that global warming was a force worth reckoning with. This is because I believed that global warming could bring utter destruction to the world if not taken care of.

With time, I also saw protests against corporations and industries and governments. Many of these protests were, in large, due to the threat of climatic change. The fact that the government, corporations and industries rebuffed these protests only made my belief stronger. Such actions made me believe more and more that a phenomenon such as global warming does exist. This new phenomenon, which I had begun to believe, got hold of me. I started researching upon the issue.

The more I read, the more I believed. I understood that there were ways to prevent global warming. I also understood that if no one else would implement these ways, I should try on my own. So, today, because I believe in global warming, I try to use as little products that emit greenhouse gasses as possible. I avoid all sorts of companies and products that actually bring harm to the ozone layer. In doing so, I believe that global warming will deteriorate, just like I believe that global warming does exist.