Assignment: A Visit to Wegman

Questions1: How does Wegman’s market to customers in the store itself?

Wegman’s has one of the best ways of marketing its products in the stores itself. The store that we visited had arranged all their products in departments. There were clear sign boards in front of each department informing its customers about the discounts on different products. The customers can also buy a cup of coffee when feeling exhausted and can refresh for another round of shopping. There was free internet access that we believe is a nice move to attract young customers. Some of the meals had an option of allowing the customers to taste them before the choice to buy them could be made. The sales assistants were really helpful. They would lead the customers to the exact location of the products they were searching for. A great customer experience is also a useful marketing took within the stores.

Question 2: How many examples or illustrations of key terms and concepts can you find?

Following are a few example of the key terms and concepts:

Competitive Advantage/Price: The cheese corner had Swiss cheese of offer with a guarantee that it is the cheapest price for the same brand in the whole US.

Target Market: There was a new Mexican sauce on offer for those who really liked Mexican food. Mexican food lovers were targeted with this product.

Product Quality: The ready food was marketed by saying that the readymade food is not only instantly available to eat but it was also healthy and free of preventives.

Placement: The new Mexican sauce was placed in the main pass ways between different departments in the store to make them more visible and reachable to the customers.

Promotion: any products that were on promotions has special sales assistants assigned to them who stood near the promotion booth and had information related to the products. They were wearing that specific brand t-shirts.   

Question 3: What it’s like to work at Wegman’s?

We asked one of the staff member about his experience of working at Wegman’s. He seemed really satisfied. He said they the management is really caring. The staff members are informed about the progress the store they work in make on daily basis. They are informed about daily sales and percent increase or decrease in sales compared to the same date last year. The staff members are provided necessary training and if the staff members are interested in advance trainings to go forward in ranks at the store, they are provided the opportunity. There is also a good sum of yearly bonus for each staff member.