GOD, you are always there, this I believe

Ever since a child, I was a young believer of our religion and had everything to do with what religion really is. How it matters. How it evolves around our tradition. Most importantly, how religion directs our lives on righteousness. However, religion has always intrigued me over the belief of God. I have been more than sure that God exists at times. Then, there are ties when I question what God wants. This is probably because of the numerous deaths and wars that are ongoing in this world. How such an eternal being could ask for this, I would often wonder.

It would still feel me with shame and guilt to even question such a mighty belief. Hence, I would forget the question and continue to follow my religion. This went on throughout my life, up until the day that I had the accident in my car. That was the day when everything changed for me. My belief on God changed for me.

I was driving back home with my friend after a real good day. It was pleasant to be in sight of such success that I had achieved somewhat in recent days. This also urged me to understand as to how I had been able to achieve most of my ambitions at such an early stage. Of course, I was thanking God. However, I did not know for sure if God had intended this or even if he had a hand behind all of my success.

As I was driving, my friend warned me numerous times of how fast I was speeding. It was totally unintentional since my mind had already drifted into another world of my own. I would always awaken from his warning, slow down, until I would resume in the same action once again. This continued for quite an awful long time. I would speed, my friend would warn me, and I would slow down. I would tell myself not to drift away again, yet I would.

Of course, when one speeds, bad things are bound to happen eventually. For me, it was later, when I was only 10 to 12 miles from my home. Out of nowhere, an animal came onto the road. I was speeding, unintentionally. My friend screamed, and in a mode of reflex, I obviously swerved the car. Little did I know, that this was a suburban area, and I was going way faster than I should. I obviously saw more cars coming head on. Instead of choosing a collision head on, I swerved again. This time, I rammed into an SUV that was parked on the lane, at 60 miles per hour. My car totaled obviously.

I woke up in a hospital after that crash. The picture of my car was unimaginable. I was still trying to figure out how I was alive after what had happened to my car. I asked for my friend, who was more severely injured than me. He had broken a few bones and was still unconscious. For me, I had woken up after 3 days, with minor damages.

It was a disaster that I survived with such ease. It was rarely believable. However, that is when I began to belief, 100 percent, that there was God. That there was God who would believe in the betterment of our lives, if he wanted to. I understood that there was a balance of life that God had to maintain, and at his will, anything would be possible. So, I finally, and truly, believed in God. That I believed and that I believe.