Case Study: Walmart Powers Online

Check the Shopping aid offered at Compare them with those at

EBay took advantage of the opportunity in the right time and way. They figured that trend market is shifting from being local to global. The easiest way to preform is by lunching and operating online. That creates accessibility to both seller and buyers. And with their bidding system they were able to make it work and generate good revenue. And having more than 60 websites made them overtake good market share.  Their main issue is the cost of delivery. Meaning that if a person in Saudi Arabia bidding on an item the being sold in by a seller in USA will result in high shipping price. Sometimes it may be relatively too expensive.


Amazon will continue dominating Walmart in the online market. It offers a variety of inventories, product features, and benefits that are not provided by’s inventory comprises of products that are only available in Walmart’s stores thus limiting the range of goods available for customer’s choice. dominates the online market since it provides a range of products from different manufacturers and retailers which suit the customer’s preference.  Furthermore, Amazon offers a range of second-hand items at lower prices, and unique products not available in Walmart’s stock. Moreover, provides an online marketplace which enhances customer connection thus comparison of prices and goods.


The success of can be promoted by factors such as the site to store service. The service would allow the customers to purchase products online and enjoy free shipping to their desired stores. Integration of shopping aids would improve customer accessibility to the products, prices, and product reviews. Also, the website can stock a variety of goods to satisfy the preferences of the customers. It can also offer one-stop shopping aids to ensure success. Factors such as a limited range of products and unavailability of free delivery services would impact negatively on the e-tailer sales.