What are the steps involved in effective decision making? How do others play a role in our decision making?

Effective decision making starts with gathering information. We can’t make a decision without having the proper knowledge about the whole situation. After that, we need to process all the information, see all aspects of it, and then start thinking of a way to get out of it and be a winner.

In business this is very important because every manager should sometimes makes a quick decision that can be breaking for a company, so he has to be sure he making the right decision.

Others play a big role in our decision because we learn all the time, and mostly from people closest to us, so they have an influence on our decision.

Answer 2

Decision making is a big part of any company or a personal life. We need information first from a reliable source, and then we evaluate this information and using our skills and knowledge, process it and make the best decision.

It is always harder to make a big decision that can change your life or career, so there is a lot of pressure which can distract and make a person lose focus. When we see both sides of evaluation, positive and negative, using our knowledge and experience we can make a good decision.

People around us influence our decisions every day. Friends, family, classmates and everybody close. And most of the time our decision when it comes to personal life is based on the influence we get from the people around.