What impact might social media have on your future employment? 

The impact of social media can be bad sometimes when it comes to employment. The employer makes his decision by doing interviews, getting more information about the person, and if everything goes well, they might take a look at their Facebook page for example and see some inappropriate pictures or comments that can discourage the employer to take that person to work.

It is very important to keep some things secret, everyone has things they are not proud of, so there is no need to show the whole world those things and especially the people you will work with for a long period of time.

Answer 2

Social media nowadays shows everything you need to know about a person. This can be good and bad at the same time. Social media can very much impact your future employment by for example having pictures with alcohol or drugs, so when employer sees that, they can make a decision not to take you to work. Or maybe if they see that this person they are trying to hire, is doing discrimination comments on other people.

Social media is a big aspect of our environment now and a lot of people may rely on it in their decisions.