Warren Buffett

Research Proposal

Warren Buffett is a contemporary American investor and social worker. He was born in Omaha and was educated at different educational institutions. I would like to do a research on Warren Buffett because he has been one of world’s most successful investor. He has been interested in investment activities since his days at school and he successfully accomplished this passion in his adult life. Following are some of the aspects of his life that I would be shedding some light in my research paper.

Early life

As I mentioned earlier, he has been passionate about investment since his days at schools. There must have been some incidents at his schools days or early life that led him to develop interest in investment. I would like to explore these incidents.

Issues he had to overcome

Successful people have to come across many problems in their life. The manner these problems have been dealt with and successfully overcome plays an important role in making these successful people great. For example it has been claimed in the Wall Street Journal, that Warren Buffett has an image problem (Das, 2017). It has also been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal that he “gets to play by his rules”. These claims depict a picture of a person who might not be so successful if these claims are completely true. I would like to explore the personality traits of Warren Buffett and know more about how he has been managing his personal image in the corporate world.

Apart from the above mentioned areas, I would research the business life of Warren Buffet and explore how he became such a successful investor to be known worldwide.



Das, A. (2017). Warren Buffett Has an Image Problem. WSJ. Retrieved 8 February 2017, from             https://www.wsj.com/articles/warren-buffett-has-an-image-problem-1447371811