How can you use rewards to keep yourself motivated? How do others motivate us? Why are on-campus connections important?

How can you use rewards to keep yourself motivated?

I keep myself motivated by rewarding myself with something I really like. If I like hanging out with my friends, this means I have to finish my work and studies faster and better so I can spare some time with my friends. Or if I work hard for a couple of months, I can reward myself with a small vacation.

People around us always motivate us, sometimes without even knowing. But most important is that this motivation has to come from inside the person himself. If a person is not willing to go forward, then motivation will not help.

On-campus relations are important because they help us move forward and make our college experience better.

Answer 2

Every person keeps himself motivated differently. They choose something they like, and use it as a motivation tool. For example I like traveling, so I know if I finish the semester with good grades, I will reward myself with a trip to a place I like. This makes me want to achieve more.

Others motivate us in many ways, one of them is competition for example. When you compete with somebody, this means you are motivated to win.

On campus connections are very important because we can all learn from each other and help each other get better and achieve more in the future.