Gathering information is always crucial when doing a research project. The internet has become a great way to gather information in a quick and easy. How can you be sure that the website you are using as a resource is a legitimate one or not? What actions will you take to ensure that the websites you use are always accurate?

When you are looking for research sources you always want to use scholoarly articles and peer reviewed articles. This makes sure that you have the most accurate information available. To assure that the sources you use are legitimate, you can use the databases like Ebscohost that only have scholarly articles. These databases compile multiple different sources together so that the writer has many options of sources. You also want to make sure that the source is less than 10 years old or else the information is considered outdated. In order to make sure that sources are legitimate you can use these type of sources from Ebscohost, or you can look to make sure they are from good sources such as universities, hospitals, or with many authors.