The effects of climate change on companies can be grouped into six categories of risks. Use any two of these to explain the impact upon the resort hotel industry?

Following could be some impact:

  • The changing weather or climate have also changed the demand of the tourists. So, by this one can interpret that the changing climate also shapes the demand of the tourists. (The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), n.d.)
  • The rise in the sea level because of the global warming can dissolve the small islands which are famous among the tourists.
  • Now people are more conscious and educated that they do not like to go at the resorts or tourist place which is contributing towards the global warming.

(The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), FAQ – Climate Change and Tourism, n.d.)

  • The increase in the temperature of the earth has made the span of the winter season less at some places who have taken away the tourism of that particular location.(Climate Change: Implications for Tourism, 2013)