What is your opinion of Rockwell’s Commitment to hiring the hard-core unemployed and training them?

Discussion: In my opinion this is a great approach towards the overall goals of Rockwell as a company and its commitment towards helping unemployed and helping the overall progress of the society in a positive way. Companies have to understand their Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR in engaging in activities that serve the community in one way or the other. Thought this might look that providing CSR is not of any financial benefit to the companies, I believe that it has many positive implications in providing the companies to have a positive image in the eyes of the its customers both present and expected. The whole concept of the Total Quality Management is based on focusing on the fundamental need of your employs in order to get them work more efficiently in achieving corporate goals. I believe that if you provide an opportunity to the hard-core unemployed to improve their life with a job, they would definitely be indebted to the company and will show an unparalleled loyalty to the goals of the company.

Rockwell international is using self-paced computer-aided instruction methods that are both very interactive and easy to use and get used to. These programing need basic raining to make them work via e-learning platforms (Goetsch, Davis, & Goetsch, 2010, p. 292).