Readings and other announcements


Reading assignments and announcements re WSJ, weekly reaction papers, etc. (This is the same text as the email already distributed)


Reading assignment for Wed, 5 Sep 2018 (Labor Day week), Wk 2:

Same Palmiter reading as already assigned – P Ch 1 (all), P Ch 2 (all), P Ch 3.1 and 3.2.


Allen Kraakmanian Casebook, Ch. 3, section 3.1. (Focus in Allen 3.1 on the 5 “attributes” of the corporation as a legal business form, and compare them with the equivalent list in P Ch 1 at 1.1.1, and ask yourself whether these are basically the same or if there any relevant differences. It’s hard to overstate the importance of understanding the concepts behind these five characteristics of the incorporated entity.

However, also read carefully the basic terminological distinctions in the rest of Allen 3.1, and be prepared to discuss them on Wed, 5 Sep. I.e., the differences between (i) a “public”/ “publicly-held”/ “publicly traded” corporation  and a “closely-held”/ “close”/ “privately-held”/ “non-public” corporation; (ii) a “controlled” corporation.

As soon as I can get finished with my noon meeting, I will finish getting you the first 3-4 reading assignments.  Now that we’re through add/drop, I’ll also post official office hours, as well as some “open” (to anyone who wants to come) coffee social hours in the Atrium (or outside if weather is nice).

I have asked the media control folks to tape and post in a podcast folder on Mywcl, course materials, every class session during the term; not an invitation to skip class, of course, but especially the part time students often have work or family obligations, which I fully understand – just let me know as soon as you’re reasonably able, either before or after the class – and yes, students (and professors) do sometimes get sick. So these will be posted – I can’t guarantee that the media office will manage to do this 100%/ zero failure rate, so be prepared to get notes if one session or another they miss, and also be aware that it often takes them a couple of days to process and post the sessions.

For the time being, I’ll take attendance manually, although the Dean of Student Affairs office might insist that we use the app, in order that attendance be directly posted to them.


I’ll see everyone Wed, 5 Sep, next week – have a lovely labor day weekend. The reading for our course will pick up a lot in Wk 3, but for now it’s pretty light as we cover some basics. Also – be sure to read even the short readings for next Wednesday carefully, but it’s fine by me to skip the reading for the rest of your classes and enjoy labor day – I’m sure your other professors won’t mind as long as you do my reading. #Priorities.



ps. although you didn’t need to actually buy books for Wk 1 during add/drop, you definitely need them now, including for the Allen casebook reading for next Wednesday.

pps. The weekly assignment short reaction papers will start in Week 3, not next week. I’ll post a Mywcl announcement explaining it, but the first one won’t be due until Wed, 12 Sep, Wk 3, so wait for my announcement re how/what to do.

ppps. You will need to get ahold of the WSJ on a daily basis in order to read current business events/stories. I will send/post/announce the link to get the (very) cheap student subscription – you can access it in the library online (probably hard copy too), but to be honest, I think the cost of the semester student subscription is cheap and much easier to keep track of (I believe the way it’s set up, though, you have to affirmatively cancel the subscription at the end of the semester to avoid an automatic conversion to a regular, full price account, but they might have dropped that policy after a lot of complaints last year).  Look for the link.

pppps. The text of this email will be posted (identical text) as an announcement on the Mywcl class page. Starting Wk 3, I will stop sending emails and rely on you to configure your notifications, etc., so that you’ll be aware of any announcements, etc.

ppppps. Feel free to include in your Palmiter reading the examples and explanations at the end of each chapter if you find them a useful review; for next week, not required reading. Assume they are optional, though useful, reading; occasionally they will be required reading, but I will so indicate if/when that’s the case.