Why is understanding the relationship between leaders and groups important?

The understanding between leaders and the followers is important because the followers and leader collectively create a group or team working to achieve a set target that is important to all and their success depends on the overall success. The leaders in conflict with their followers and employees tend to have negative behavioral outcomes and the dissatisfaction factors causing the performance level to decline. The leaders with positive relationship with their fellow followers and team members have more chances of success.

The understanding between the leader and the follower creates cohesion and sense of belongingness that attaches people with their teams and they work and to create positive outcomes for their team. The behaviors of the team members are derived by the leaders. The leaders who have the ability to influence the follower’s behaviors and their motivation successful determine the team outcomes. And in order to be successful at this the leader must maintain healthy and positive relationship with the followers. The healthy and understanding relationship includes the respect of ethics, integrity, high emotional intelligence and the ability to pursue employees and followers by proving their worth and that they value to the team and the organization. The leader who values its followers and their skills tend to have healthy relationship with employees. Also those leaders with ability to motivate employees to do better and influence them with rewards and just behavior, tend to show healthy positive patterns of successful relationship with followers.