Virtual Value chain

What stages is an enterprise likely to go through en route to a virtual value chain?

The three stages that an enterprise will go through en route to a virtual value chain is visibility, mirroring, and more value to customers. Visibility is giving you an edge over competitors and making things easier for the customer.  Like FedEx who made shipping packages easier by having all the information on their website were consumers could see if their packages were in or where their packages were. The next is mirroring, mirroring is “the ability to create information systems that provide a complete picture of the supply chain at a given point in time” (Roberts, 2013).. Like FedEx share information with the consumer of its supply chains through the website and have been doing so since 1994(Roberts, 2013).. The last step is Enhancing Customer Value is adding value to the website for customer. FedEx accomplishes this through allowing customers to schedule shipments, print the shipment ticket so all you have to do is tape the barcode on to the package and drop in off at a local FedEx office, also FedEx has a mobile app to track packages and schedule shipments(Roberts, 2013)..