Learning Style Inventory


This test has been developed to understand the learning styles of people. For example the test result might suggest one to be good at learning from visual processes. Others might turn out to be good at learning from audios lectures or from written material. Others might be good at learning by touching things or kinesthetic learning (“Multiple Intelligences – Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences Theory – Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learnings Styles VAK Model”).


He results from the test I took suggested that I am a visual learner. I like to look at study materials and use charts and graphs. The results also suggest that I take notes and practice concepts in my head. It also suggested that I like to write everything for future reference.


In my opinion the test was accurate to a larger extant about my learning style. It was right that I like visual information and am good at digesting it. I usually use graphics in my presentations more than the actual text in there. Where the test was not accurate and I would say it had a weakness is when it said that I like to write everything for a future reference. I don’t really like writing a lot. I try to remember everything visually including the text in a book.


I believe that this test has highlighted one of my capacity as a learner. That is I am a person who can rely on visual information to learn, memorize and reproduce. In my future I would try my best to use this capacity of learning visually to explore in depth my personal learning style. I would now be able to focus more on visual information. But this also provides me an opportunity to focus on my other capabilities to learn. I mean the test results might be suggesting that I am not good at learning from audios or kinesthetic means. So I would try to improve these learning styles as well.