Locus of Control (LOC)


Locus of control is an idea of a human attitude that was first introduced by Julian Rotter in 1966 (Rotter and Julian, 1990). Locus of control suggests that people might think that the outcomes of their actions is either controlled internally i.e. they have control over these outcomes or they might think that the control is external i.e. the outcomes are controlled by others people or other human or non-human factors. This test can also be used for to assess the capacity of intellectual achievement in a person (Lefcourt, 1991).


The results from the test that I took has suggested that I put the responsibility of the future outcomes on others. It suggests that I blame others and am not a person who takes responsibility for his own actions. It points that I am a person who has an external locus of control.


I think that the result of the test are a bit harsh about me. Though I do look outwards for the mistakes that I might have made personally but I do not only blame others. I also take responsibility and try to correct what might have gone wrong. I have been working in different teams previously and I have always tried to share the responsibility for any success or a failure. So I think that the test is too marginalized. It either places you at one extreme or another which could be a weakness of the test.


Though I do not agree 100% to the results of the test, it still provides me an opportunity to observe my locus of control and make some adjustments. I mean that I need to be more responsible than I am currently am. In my future if I want to play a leading role in any organization, I must be able to accept more responsibility than others so that I can build a trusting relationship with others at work.