Personal Style Inventory


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an objective analysis inventory based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality. It was developed by Isabel Briggs (“Personality Styles, Types, Theories And Psychometrics Models, Personality Tests And Quizzes Theory”). The development of this test inventory is to make the Carl Jung’s theory of personality more useful in the common use to know about the personality types of different people. The test inventory measures the personality traits like extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuiting, thinking or feeling and judging or perceiving.


I took the test and the results were astonishing as I believe they were a close reflection of how I perceive my own self. I was suggested to be in the ENFP (Extravert-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving) personality traits group. I do tend to look outwards when I need to gather information. I believe myself to be Extravert and Intuitive. I do care for values and care about what others want or expect of me and feels the feelings of others and myself. I tend to adopt to the world with some rigidity though.


The test results were 90% correct about me in my opinion. I say this because it did tell me accurately about my personality but I do not consider myself to be such a “Perceiving” person as the test suggests. I am adoptable to the outside world but I tend to be rigid in this regards. I do take decisions sometimes that would be against the will of others around me. The questions were easy to understand in the test inventory and were related to the common world. The weakness that I observed in the test is that the later part of the test is quite predictable. I mean those questions are closely related to what has already been asked. I think this must have a negative impact on the test results.


I believe that the test results have given me an opening to understand myself more. I mean that I knew most of the thing about myself already but was unable to relate them to a personality model. Know I have a close interpretation of my personality and I think I can work on being more flexible to the input of others in my decisions.