1. What is the topic of the research ?

My topic is video games and physical health problems. nowadays, the number of teens who play video games has increased and some of them even got addicted to it. you maybe wondering, what makes it addictive ?. Because games are designed to be just difficult enough to be truly challenging, while allowing players to achieve small accomplishments that compel them to keep playing. In that respect, the design of video games is similar to the design of gambling casinos, which will allow players to have small “wins” that keep them playing. There are several “hooks” that are built into games with the intent of making them “addictive”. Therefore teens who are addicted to playing video games, spend long hours playing and that can cause serious health problems or diseases, in way that affect their hand, back, vision and even wight.

  1. What is the problem , issue, or question that am i asking and addressing in my research ?

I’m going to discuss the fact that playing a lot of video games can cause serious health

problems. The research will illustrates a new kind of danger to teenagers nowadays, a danger to

their health and their well being, it will talk about how video games can seriously affect badly the player’s health, and that is for sure dangerous. The research will start first by explaining how much video games are addictive and how it’s a new kind of addiction, and how addiction related to

having health problems. Studies have actually confirmed this problem. This kind of danger can be

solved and stopped by the player him self and by the community around him.

  1. why is that problem interesting and important ?

Video game popularity is increasing day by day, more people play more video games every year, and the video game industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the industry. therefore, health problems caused by playing video games increase too.


  1. how does my work connect with a broader disciplinary conversation about this topic/problem in the field, and what does it add to the conversation ?

people usually write and do research about video games and health problems form the health inspector but i want to interviewee people who have video games addiction  and write about it from the personal opinion and experience of the people who play it. There for i’ll try to find an effective solution .