New purpose for a common product

Think of a new purpose for a common product. Assume the product is in the decline stage of its product life cycle. Create an advertisement for the product that recommits it to the market. Use whatever graphic design program you have at your disposal (Photoshop, Word, Publisher, InDesign, iMovie, Movie Maker, Premier, Final Cut, etc). There are also a host of cool-web-based programs; check out Padlet and Prezi are a few I’ve used. If you have others to recommend, shoot me an email and I’ll share the tool with the class. 

With its unique click-wheel design, and those universal bud earphones, Apple’s iPod that is first launched in 2001, became a sign of relief for iPod’s accompanying music store (iTunes) to paved the way for legal digital music downloading to least some music fans away from piracy. Image source: After 12 years and 26 devices later, the winning-generation’s first iPod looks like it’s about to fade into history. When iPhone was launched in 2007, Steve Jobs himself said that it was the best iPod they’ve ever made. Image source: Bought an iPod 12 years ago? No problem! This advertisement got it all for you. The seller always looks for innovative ideas to shoot their ideas within the consumers. And it is a fact that iPod is created for outdoor purposes. Which in Apple’s case, the invention of this handy gadget has been a high demand in the market. But now, let’s bring these iPods on close doors! No matter how aged iPod is, it is still a classy and efficient music holder and player. Instant stereo, just add speakers! Do not shell out big cash for a fullfledged stereo system, these dependable iPods is a great hub for music. It is not a solution for audiophiles, but it is the beginning of less hassle and instant music system for all the rooms in the house.