Marketer of a Resort in the Rockies

Assume you are the marketer for a resort in the Rockies. Your high season is in the winter when all of your rooms are booked with skiers and snowboarders. In the past, the resort has closed for the summer. This year, the owners have decided to keep the resort open all year. What strategies will you use to attract summer business? Give examples and think outside the box.

The Rockies in Colorado might encounter challenges in terms of visits, and therefore revenues, during the summer, since it’s more famous for its ice-covered mountains during the winter, when avid skiers and snow sports addicts have a field day. In a way, there is scarcity of resources, i.e. snow, during the summer season. As Kaser and Oelkers (2008) stated, producers must learn how to use their limited resources to ensure continuous patronage of their business, despite uncontrollable, limiting factors. Colorado Rockies however doesn’t really fade in opportunities for tourism even if the sun is all mighty and high for months. The following are good business opportunities for the hotel during summer season:

  1. Mountain climbing: The Rockies is famous for its high, rocky peaks that boast beautiful sceneries of forests, meadows and prairies. The hotel can provide a package for mountain climbing or hiking and camping in the outdoors during summer season, with a mountaineer experts and a hunter (in case of bears) as guides, of course. Prior to the release of this adventure promo, a fine clearing or area where campers can stay for the night, and a trail for climbers and hikers must be selected, and will be presented to visitors or prospects.
  2. White-water rafting and kayaking: As an additional package, water sports in the gorges and still waters of Arkansas River that traverses Colorado can be offered to prospects and visitors. Summer doesn’t mean that the adventures in the Rockies are reduced whatsoever.
  3. Concerts and Beer! The best thing about summer is you can enjoy the weather and have fun with your shirts off. Mini-concerts and gigs near the hotel presenting good bands are a hit in most cases, especially if there’s free beer (limited amount only of course). Limited tickets can be offered to ensure higher probabilities of selling out, but the show must promise very good and famous bands in exchange.

Promotion needs effective advertisements to make such plans for summer successful. Target consumers must be specified (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008). Giving fliers in universities and colleges, updating the hotel’s website, and posting activities in social media and inviting people to join (limited number of people per activity) are some advertising strategies.