After Reading all of the text books for this class, what material do you feel will be the most helpful to you in your chosen career?

There is a lot to learn from all the course material. For me, each sections of the class reading provided an opportunity to evaluate myself. I like many topics and I believe they will help me in my future on personal and professional levels.

The most important topic that I believe is the most important for me is to understand the elements of an effective system. DelP0 (2007, p.13) has discussed in depth the different elements of an effective system. A fair and communicative environment is a fundamental aspect of an effective system. In my professional life, I believe that should work hard to create such and environment so that the employees can engage in productive communication. Other aspect of effective system has been pointed out as respect for employees. Who can deny the fact that to get respect you have to have resect. DelP0 (2007, p.15) has stated that there is a need to focus on future. I believe that to be a successful manager/leader, I must be able to foresee the future and make futuristic decisions.

I really enjoyed the course and I hope it acts as a guide in my professional life at any position that I may work.


DelPo, A. (2007). The performance appraisal handbook. Berkeley, CA: NOLO.