“No specific courses should be required in colleges or universities.”  What are makers of this concept or view saying?  What is the philosophy behind this approach?  Is it a waste of time to have a variety of subjects required for degrees?  Are college courses usually general versus specific or somewhere in between, that is middle of the road?  How would this idea be carried out, enacted, fostered, or enabled?  Are specific courses currently required?  In what ways?  How so, how not?  Are there some places of higher learning that allow this and some not?  What has been your experience to date that you can share or would be willing to tell your fellow classmates about?  Do you like the courses offered here?  Are there certain Universities or colleges known for spectacular programs in various fields?  Let’s say there suddenly were thousands of colleges all over the country that did not offer any subject specific degrees but only one degree that all the graduates from these schools received how would it change people’s experience and outcome of a higher learning institutions.  Would people still be performing at the level needed?  Would they be able to learn to a degree that they themselves are happy with or that their employers might need to be?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Please someone do research on this topic and I will try to see what I can find as well.

The developers of this philosophy were of the view people have varied talents and should not be boxed in attending to prescribed courses. The students are supposed to be allowed to make their own decisions. A college is where someone goes to discover him- or herself. In the same way, colleges are in existence to develop unique people and not to put everyone into the same standard fold.  Even though it is not a waste of time to have numerous subjects, the students should be allowed to focus on what interests them. Generally, college courses are specific and to attain a particular degree require attendance of particular subjects. My experience is that in today’s dynamic world, employers look for flexible people. In this regard, the courses provided at NOVA are very crucial because they aim at developing an all-rounded individual. There are certain universities like Harvard, Yale, and Royal College of Art that offer spectacular programs. Higher education improves our critical thinking skills