“The chief fault of the high school curriculum is….” You have all been to several schools.  What did you learn?  What subjects were strengths or the school or your individual course plan?  Were there subjects that were not offered that you wished you could have taken and did not?  Was the material difficult?  Were some classes harder than others?  In short, in what ways do you feel your high school either helped prepare you for college life or not?  Do you feel like there is a difference between the skills you are building in college versus high school?  Do you believe that high school is either more or less important than college?  Or just different?  Are there things you expect from college that you would not expect from high school and vice versa?  Many people feel strongly about this topic.  Some people do not believe in the strengths or weakness of one vs. the other.  What are the differences between?  Or, to focus more on the issue of “curriculum”…when you hear the word ‘curriculum’ what comes to mind?  How does that inform your thinking or response here?  My questions are simply general and sincerely written here to incite your insight and only that.  Do not feel it necessary to respond to every question, and the more you can narrow down the topic, perhaps the better.

Education is a very important element for a nation’s growth and development. In this perspective, high schools play a crucial role in the development of a person. I also attended high school.  According to the U.S Department of Education, there are more than 20,000 high schools across the nation. High school prepares all the students for success in college and later life after they graduate from high school, me included. However, when you reach in college almost is different from what you experienced in high school. It often requires one to start afresh. Most of the material we covered was did not go into much detail. The curriculum should have added sociology because I find interesting. However, some classes were harder compared to the others. For instance, Mathematics proved to be quite a challenge compared to the social sciences. In view of this point, students had different strengths in various subjects. While in high school I had problems reading complex texts and managing time. Nonetheless, the experience improved by decision and time management skills as I prepare for professional life.