The short story is not something that I would read regularly but it was unique to read. The author did a great job of keeping the story flowing throughout. Using short sentences and a first person view, the story made for enjoyable read. I have identified one element that was used in the story. The use of characters in the kept the story going and proved to be the most valuable element to the author.

The story is written in first person view of a woman that is of way from India living in New York studying abroad. Her husband works and lives in India at the moment and longs to be with his wife. The wife comes off in the story as being flat. Her attention seems to be elsewhere than wanting to be by her husbands side. The husband begs for attention from his wife while he visits her in New York for two weeks. While in New York visiting, the husband makes attempts to undermine and chastise the American culture and filthiness. His intentions is for his wife to leave with him back to India.

In the conclusion the author writes from the wife’s view: “Tonight I should make up to him for my years away, the gutted trucks, the degree I’ll never use in India. I want to pretend with him that nothing has changed”. This is the battle that the wife faces throughout the story, she is faced with annoyance of her husband wanting attention and love. Living far away and studying abroad has changed her and she is no longer the same woman that she was in India. To keep him happy and to give hope for her husband she finally submits to her husband’s desire before he leaves back to India. The use of the characters, husband and wife, is the strongest element the author used. Using the internal conflict between one another made the story continue with flow.