Video Questions 1B

Watch “How to use Graphic Organizers“  


  1. Read the Focus Questions (below) in advance to help you catch key information.
  2. Take notes while watching.
  3. Summarize and answer the questions when you finish.


Take notes as you watch:

Graphic organizer is a mental lab that involves active thinking. They can be used to organize information and learn patterns.

Graphic organizers help students see what they are thinking.

Instructors can use graphic designers in many ways including organizing data in charts to sequence data that is then easy to understand and make logical decisions. It can also be used to show students different relationships between different things that are taught in the class. Graphic organizers can also be used to teach course materials in stepwise manner.










Summarize main ideas:

Graphic designers can help many people in a meaningful manner. It can help students with and without learning difficulties learn creatively. Instructors can use these graphic designers in organizing the learning material in a creative manner.





Focus Questions:

  1. The speaker uses the term “active thinking.” Using your own words, describe what “active thinking” means to you?

Active thinking is a mental process that involves the learning of new activities by comprehending and organizing the information related to the new activities. And then this stored information can be retrieved for future use.


  1. Describe specifically how you can use a graphic organizer to help you develop your letters?

I believe that letters have evolved over the time. In the modern world, letters have to be appealing to create an impact. Graphic designers can help us organize letters in a way that they have drawings, flowcharts, diagrams and paintings that will be helpful in getting the full attention of the intender readers of our letters.



  1. Give examples of how instructors can use graphic organizers to assess students’ higher order learning of new material.

Graphic organizers can help instructors construct true/false questions to be answered by the students. Graphic organizers can be used to assess numeration skills. Ven diagrams also used by instructors to assess children capabilities.


Respond with your own thoughts, questions, connections, and conclusions: The Video is rich in examples of what the graphic organizers can actually do in practical life. The different methods could have been explained more. I think that in the present technologically advanced time, we should be more inclined to technology and take full advantage of tools like graphic organizers to help us in academic and professional life.