Video Questions 1C

Watch “Graphic Organizers“ 


1. Read the Focus Questions (below) in advance to help you catch key information.

2. Take notes while watching.

3. Summarize and answer the questions when you finish.

Take notes as you watch:

Graphic organizer can help children of all ages with any topics.

Graphic organizers can be used with paper pencil or computers.

Graphic organizers are very adaptive for different students or concepts.

Good for students with receptive or expressive language problems.

Students can focus on ideas without a lot of text.

It is an added augmented way of communication.

They help students understand relationships and ideas.

There is almost no limit to the use of graphic organizers.

Graphic organizers use text, pictures, diagrams or phrases.

Graphic organizers can be used to link current and previous information.

They can be created or can be bought developed by many publications.

Scientific data suggest the usefulness of graphic organizers.

Summarize main ideas:

The video informs its viewers about the many advantages of using graphic organizers for different people. Graphic organizers are available in the form of software or they can be developed with just a paper and pencil. Scientific evidence suggests the usefulness of graphic organizers.

Focus Questions:

  1. The speaker states that graphic organizers can be created using paper and pencil or software. Which method of creating your own graphic organizer would you use? Why? (If you want to see types of software, view the two videos beneath this video).

I would like to prefer the software method. The one method that is available in the software form is graphic organizers by Microsoft Word. That is very useful.

  1. Why are graphic organizers especially effective for English Language Learners and students with expressive and receptive language disorders?

In the language related disorders, the effected person is either unable to understand information presented to him/her or they cannot deliver information to others in a meaningful manner. Graphic organizers can be designed to address these issues and help resolve language issues by reducing the words used in communication and replacing them with visuals.

  1. Using a graphic organizer, illustrate the main ideas and notes you took while watching this video (You may use the back of this page or software to draw your information).

I would like to highlight the advantages of graphic organizers, which I noted down from the video in the following graphic organizer.

Respond with your own thoughts, questions, connections, and conclusions:

I have learned a great deal of information about the use of graphic organizers. In response to the previous videos I did say that there was not enough information available on the topic but this video gave me an in depth insight of the use of graphic organizers.