Think of any coaching situation.  It can be a friend who is having a problem, an employee who needs it, or a child/sibling who could use it.  Apply the Communication Wheel and write a dialogue.  What would you say?  You will need to read the entire handout of the Communication Wheel to answer this question–pay attention to page 3, especially.

For this question, I would like to think of helping a sibling in a situation where he/she failed an exam. I would incorporate the communication wheel in the following manner:

  1. What happened? (data)

The first question is to ask about what happened

The answer would be obviously that he/she failed the exam. It would them try to explore about the reasons why he/she failed? What were the issues? Could it have been avoided?

  1. What do you think of that? (assessment)

Then I would make an assessment of the situation to reach at a variety of conclusions about who is responsible of the situation and what I could have done as a family member. I would also make an assessment about the seriousness of the sibling about his/her studies.


  1. How does that make you feel?

Over here I would ask questions like how did you feel about the exams before they actually came upon? The answers could be that he/she prepared well and was passionate about the exams. Or it could be argues that there are some valid/invalid excuses for not preparing for the exams and that make him/her feel in a certain way.

  1. What do you want?

This is a crucial point. I would explain to the sibling that he/she need to take control. I would want about how he/she wants to proceed? They could answer that they need help or tutoring or it can be managed without tutoring. They could ask for changing the school or any other thing that is on their mind.

  1. What are you willing to do? What do you want to do about that? or What do you think the next step is?

I would offer my moral support and provide motivation to try again and hope for the better. I would say that failing exam is a part of the life but the main thing is to try again more passionately and get to your goals.