What technology tools can you use to keep track of your grades and academic performance in college? Why is it important to monitor your academic performance with these tools?

Technology is all around us now, the most tool used to monitor grades is a computer and internet connection. This way we can access our page online and see how we are doing.

It is important to keep track and see our progress to know if we are doing good or bad. This way we can also see what parts we need to improve at. The academic performance gets better when we concentrate our attention on it, and search for new things to get better.

Answer 2

We can keep track of our grades and performance by any tool that has internet access, which can be computer, phone, ipad and more. Using the internet we can access any information, including our college page and see how our performance is.

It is always important to monitor academic performance and performance in general, because this way we can know what part is good and what part needs more work. It keeps us motivated and a good tool to achieve better results.